Valentine's Day

Logbook Entry : 00070
February 14th, 2011

8:00am - I woke up to my alarm going off, and I hit the snooze button.

8:09am - My alarm goes off again and I figured there really was no use in hitting the snooze again, so I shut it off. Yorick wasn't lying with me like usual, so I climbed out of bed to see what he was up to. I found him sleeping in the chair in the living room. He looked so peaceful so I didn't bother him. I headed to the cabinet and reached for a box of cereal. Honey nut Circle-O's was the cereal of choice. I grabbed a bowl, poured the cereal and went to the fridge for some milk. Walked to the living room and sat down next to Yorick, but made sure not to wake him. I added the milk and enjoyed my cereal. No sooner did I finish my bowl, Yorick had woken up and started bugging me for the milk. So I put the bowl of milk on the floor for Yorick to enjoy.

8:32am - It was time for a shower.

9:14am - After quite a long shower, a brush of the teeth, a dressing of the clothes, it was time to check the calender to see if there was anything of importance that needed to be done today. Normally on Mondays, Yorick and I head out to the park and walk around the pond, but I hadn't written it on the calender this day. Instead, I found something that reminded me of how alone I am. Well, I mean, there is Yorick of course. But I had written in big letters, VALENTINE'S DAY! For some reason I had gotten excited about Valentine's Day this go around. I hadn't had a good reason to be excited in years past and couldn't remember why I was so excited. And then it hit me!

9:16am - The doorbell rang! I wonder who it could be?

9:17am - The doorbell rang again! I headed to the door and froze! It was her! The reason I wrote Valentine's Day in big bold letters! Sophie! What do I do? The last time I saw her was months ago! I don't dare answer the door since the last time I saw her, her boyfriend told me not to be seen around her or else! The door bell rang again and out of the corner of my eye, Yorick jumped into the window and saw for himself who was at the door. He turned and looked at me, then looked back at her! She had to of known I was home now! I never go anywhere without Yorick. I had to answer the door!

9:20am - The ringing had stopped and I noticed through the window in the door that Sophie turned around and started to walk away. Yorick had then jumped from the window and ran to the front door, scratching at it. He then turned and looked at me and I couldn't disappoint him. He gave me that puppy dog face! Yes, I said puppy dog face! I caved and headed for the door. I opened the door to find she had already made it to the road. I called for Sophie and she turned to see me standing in the door way. I told her to come back and I invited her in.

11:01am - It would have seemed that her boyfriend had been treating her badly for quite a while. She had been thinking of leaving him for some time but couldn't find the courage to do so. She felt that he had been the best boyfriend she had ever, despite how poorly she felt he treated her lately, until she caught him cheating on her. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. She was done. So after we talked about what was going on with her, I had asked if she wanted to go to the mall and walk around since it was way to cold to walk around outside.

12:16pm - We made it to the mall and headed to the food court first. We ate at Dairy Queen and continued to talk some more. Even though we talked for a couple of more hours, I couldn't tell her about one thing. How much I liked her. I didn't want to scare here. She had just ended it with her boyfriend and I didn't want to rush things! Ohhhhh I wanted to tell her so bad! But I couldn't.

2:30pm - We walked around the mall a little before leaving.

2:55pm - I brought Sophie home. She thanked me for spending the day with her and she asked if I wanted to hang out again some time soon! What did you think I said? Of course I said yes! She got out of the car and she walked away towards her house. I slowly started to drive away home.

2:59pm - I thought about Sophie!

3:00pm - I thought about Sophie!

3:01pm - I thought about Sophie!

Yorick Found the Lobster

Logbook Entry : 00069
February 11th, 2011

So we woke up early the next morning to get a jump on finding the lobster, or "Red" as Hunter called it. We honestly had not much of a choice in waking up early as I really hadn't slept all night. We were both in sleeping bags and the floor was kinda hard. Hunter hadn't an issue sleeping as he didn't wake up til about 10 minutes after me. All bright eyed and bushy tailed!

After we ate breakfast, some eggs and toast, we started on our search of the lobster. We searched the same rooms as we had the day earlier but again found nothing. Hunter had thought that maybe it was a good idea if I went and got Yorick. For some reason, I hadn't thought of that. So I went and got Yorick and he helped in the search.

So we went back to the living room. I told Hunter we need to look behind everything. Just because we had already done that, doesn't mean that the lobster couldn't have snuck into the room as we were searching another. So what we did was search the living room again and had Yorick wait there as we proceeded to the next room. And wouldn't you know, we found the lobster. While we headed to the next room, the lobster tried to sneak into the living room after we left for another. Yorick had started crying which alerted us. We ran back to the living room to find the lobster staring at Yorick. I was shocked at how huge this thing had gotten! The last time I saw it, it was about as small as Yorick. Now the lobster was about 3 times bigger! Anyway, Hunter dove at the lobster but it jumped out of his reach. we chased it around the living room until I finally was able to get a hold of it.

With the lobster firmly in hand, we headed to the bathroom and put it in the tub. I looked at Hunter and still couldn't understand why he thought it would be alright to bring the lobster home. He didn't reply but did drop his head down. He knew he shouldn't have done that. It couldn't be very healthy for the lobster to live in the tub. Hunter told me he was feeding the lobster dog food. It was the only thing it would eat. And that would probably be the reason it had gotten so big. So now that we had caught the lobster, what do we do with it now? We couldn't bring it back to Boston and release it into the water! It wouldn't survive the cold waters in the harbour. We found ourselves caught in a tough spot. Well, this was all on Hunter. I am going home!

A Cry for Help!

Logbook Entry : 00068
February 10th, 2011

So, you I didn't write hold up my end of the bargain! I had every intention of writing again about my time away, but no sooner did I write my last entry, I got a phone call from Hunter.

If I may take a brief moment and go back to last April. Both Hunter and I had gone to Boston for a Red Sox-Orioles baseball game. While walking around Boston, we stumbled across a tiny lobster. We had wondered why such a small lobster had been so far away from the water. So we watched it for a time before heading off to Fenway park. Now to jump back to present day, Hunter had called me about an issue he was having. He sounded quite excited and nervous at the same time. I was quite baffled and headed next door to Hunter's house.

He was waiting for me at the door and when he opened it for me, he just about pulled me into the house and slammed the door behind me. I looked at him and asked what that was all about. What was going on with Hunter? I can honestly say I hadn't seen Hunter for some time now and I was about to find out why. He had reminded me about our trip to Boston last year in April, which I remembered. But what he was about to tell me, I didn't see coming. He had asked me if I remembered when he left his hat behind, which I replied that I had. He had told me that when he went back for the hat, he couldn't help but grab the lobster and take it with him. He said he couldn't stand knowing that if the lobster tried to head back to the water, danger may fall upon it. He told me he was only thinking for the betterment of the lobster.

So I asked him where the lobster was. Was this what he was freaking out about? He looked at me with a blank stare and told me the lobster got out of the tub. I looked back at him with big eyes! Out of the tub? Hunter had called me over since the lobster had gotten out of the tub several days ago and he hadn't yet found it. I first told him how much of a bad idea it was to have taken the lobster home with him and he knew it, but now really wasn't the time to harp on what he shouldn't have done since it was a bit to late for that! We needed to find that lobster!

We searched everywhere! In the living room, the kitchen, the basement, the kitchen, his bedroom, the kitchen! Where could it have possibly gone! I had spent most of the night helping Hunter search for the lobster when he asked me to be quiet! Did he just find the lobster? He cried out, "Come mere Red! Come come Red!" I looked at him and after a few seconds, Hunter found me staring at him! "You named it?" He said that he gave it a name some months ago. I still couldn't believe he first brought it home, but then naming it! Unbelievable! We had no luck finding the lobster. Hunter asked that I spent the night. I told him I would and we both camped out on the living room floor.

My Return

Logbook Entry : 00067
February 4th, 2011

I know, I know! It had been since Thanksgiving, when I had last written. I would apologize for that, but it was for a good reason. If for some reason you forgot, I had met Henry. He was a turkey on the run. He some how made his way to New Hampshire and stayed with me for a couple of days before he ran for it. Concerned, I headed off after him. Unfortunately, I had no luck! I stopped in towns scattered all over New Hampshire, but it was clear he was gone! I did send out a letter to the governor asking for a pardon and had not gotten a reply back. I could only assume that he was to busy! Maybe he will send the pardon soon.

Anyhow, there is so much I need to talk about and so little time to talk right now! I will surely write tomorrow! I promise!

The Visitor

Logbook Entry : 00066
November 24th, 2010

I had been gone for a good portion of the day collecting items for our Thanksgiving Day dinner. The stores were packed, so it had taken me loads longer to get back home. Plus, it was foggy out in patches during my drive home.

The fog happened to break just before I got to my driveway, and it was good thing too! Because, no sooner did I pull into my driveway, I found someone standing in the middle of the driveway. This person was standing there like a deer in headlights. I climbed out of my car and called to the stranger. There was no response. I called again and still nothing. I started walking toward the stranger and he shrieked and bolted for the woods. What in the world was going on? I called for the stranger to come out of the woods. I couldn't see where he went. I called for him again and I thought I heard something! I called for him again, telling him that I mean no harm. After calling him for about 10 minutes, the stranger finally came out of the woods. I could barely see him at first, as he was standing just out of the light. I introduced myself and I found out the strangers name was Henry. I continued to talk to him and I was eventually able to convince him to come inside.

Once inside, I started unpacking the groceries I got. While I was doing this, I kept talking to Henry and he explained that he was on the run. Henry told me that the President of the United States, pardons 2 turkeys every year, which I already knew. This year, the President had a hard time choosing between him and his 2 friends, Cider and Apple. And since Henry was here in New Hampshire, you can guess who got the pardons this year. He was told that Cider and Apple sounded much better than Henry. Of course if you switch his friends names around, you get apple cider. Henry wasn't thrilled about what had happened and that's when he decided to run for it. So I had apologized to him and asked how it was he made it as far north as New Hampshire! He had told me that he really wasn't sure how he ended up here, but knew somewhere around New Jersey, he was being followed by some hunters. He had lost them when he crossed over the Hudson River and had been traveling at night from then on out. He couldn't risk being seen and followed again.

I finished unpacking all my groceries and sat down with him in the living room. I told him that I will see what I can do. Meanwhile, he can stay here where he will be safe. He thanked me for what I have done and promised me he wouldn't be a bother. I told him not to worry about it. I am not used to having company and it would actually be rather nice. With Thanksgiving just a day away, I was planning on staying home this year and had no one coming over. He was grateful and was happy to had run into someone like me.

Being Bullied Isn't Cool!

Logbook Entry : 00065
November 9th, 2010

Since Halloween, I can honestly say that my life has been anything but awesome. If you remember that day, I found myself staring at Sophie from afar, only to be caught by Jessie, Sophie's Boyfriend. Jessie had been visiting my at my house a couple of times since then. He had been rude and mean to me, telling me that I should stay away from Sophie. She is not interested in me. And, if he caught me staring at her again, he would come back to my house and beat me up. I had figured, one visit to my house was enough, but he visited me twice.

The second time he visited me, he reminded me why is stopped by. He had noticed that I hadn't picked up the pile of leaves I racked and he walked through them and kicked the leaves back all over the yard. Why was he doing this? Is he really that mean? And does Sophie know of his mean streak?

Why Jessie finally left my house, Yorick and I headed to Concord and walked along the Merrimack River. My mind was so all over the place. Even if I had told her, would she believe me? I didn't want to sound like some rat! I looked down at Yorick and told him I didn't know what to do. If I tried to tell her and Jessie saw me with her, he would beat me up! I had never been beat up before! I didn't want to have a first time too! So I guess I should just stay as far away from Sophie as I can and hope that Jessie just leaves me alone! This was even more of an idea when Yorick and I returned home to find our pumpkin smashed in the road. I really hope this stops! And soon!

Halloween Night

Logbook Entry : 00064
November 1st, 2010

Sunday had come and there was nothing I was looking forward to more than the dance later on that night. I had such butterflies just thinking about this dance. Maybe I might be able to sneak in a dance with Sophie tonight. Maybe her boyfriend will not come because he will have come down with a horrible cold that has him bed bound. But, I know I could get so lucky.

So I decided I was gonna go as Spider-Man. I had ran to the store the other night and picked up the costume. I didn't want to wait til the last minute and risk not finding the costume. I did however have to search in 3 stores until I found it. Anyway. I had a few hours to waste until Yorick and I were able to go trick or treating before dance. The town had chosen to have the trick or treating this year during the light hours for safety. I would imagine that the town dance had something to do with it as well. So my plan was to go gather some candy and then head straight over to where the dance was being held. The clock never moved so slowly!

Finally the time came for Yorick and I to head out. There were so many people out this year compared to years past. Lots of ghosts and witches, pirates and clowns. I counted 2 more Spider-Man costumes, and there she was, Sophie. She had dressed up in the most beautiful fairy costume you could have ever imagined. She was floating in every direction she chose. I don't know how she did that but it was amazing. She hadn't notice me, but someone else did! Her boyfriend, Jessie. He was standing on the other side of the street from where Sophie was and he was now heading over in my direction. Once he got to me, he wasn't happy at all. He had caught me staring at Sophie and just about drooling. He had mentioned that this is not the first time he caught me doing so and if I didn't cut it out, He would have to do something about it. He had also found the poem I wrote Sophie, in a notebook I had accidentally left at the library the other day. Jessie was none to pleased, and just when I thought that things just might get worse, Sophie came over to save the day.

She was wondering what was up and how nice it was that Jessie and I were hanging out. I didn't have the heart to tell her about the true nature of our discussion, even thought you could tell she noticed. The look on my face was nothing like the look on my face the other times we had talked. She had mentioned that the houses on the other block were a jackpot for candy if I hadn't been there yet. I thanked her and told her that I should be on my way. Just before I went, she asked if I was still going to the dance and I had to tell her I wasn't. She looked disrupted by this as I had told her a couple of days ago, I would. I had to leave now so that I could not see the look on her face as I walked away. I could feel her eyes shed a tear as I walked away. I could also feel the stare of her boyfriend, filled with gratification. What a jerk that guy is. She deserves much better. And one of these days I might just stand up to him and give him a piece of my mind.