Being Bullied Isn't Cool!

Logbook Entry : 00065
November 9th, 2010

Since Halloween, I can honestly say that my life has been anything but awesome. If you remember that day, I found myself staring at Sophie from afar, only to be caught by Jessie, Sophie's Boyfriend. Jessie had been visiting my at my house a couple of times since then. He had been rude and mean to me, telling me that I should stay away from Sophie. She is not interested in me. And, if he caught me staring at her again, he would come back to my house and beat me up. I had figured, one visit to my house was enough, but he visited me twice.

The second time he visited me, he reminded me why is stopped by. He had noticed that I hadn't picked up the pile of leaves I racked and he walked through them and kicked the leaves back all over the yard. Why was he doing this? Is he really that mean? And does Sophie know of his mean streak?

Why Jessie finally left my house, Yorick and I headed to Concord and walked along the Merrimack River. My mind was so all over the place. Even if I had told her, would she believe me? I didn't want to sound like some rat! I looked down at Yorick and told him I didn't know what to do. If I tried to tell her and Jessie saw me with her, he would beat me up! I had never been beat up before! I didn't want to have a first time too! So I guess I should just stay as far away from Sophie as I can and hope that Jessie just leaves me alone! This was even more of an idea when Yorick and I returned home to find our pumpkin smashed in the road. I really hope this stops! And soon!