The Visitor

Logbook Entry : 00066
November 24th, 2010

I had been gone for a good portion of the day collecting items for our Thanksgiving Day dinner. The stores were packed, so it had taken me loads longer to get back home. Plus, it was foggy out in patches during my drive home.

The fog happened to break just before I got to my driveway, and it was good thing too! Because, no sooner did I pull into my driveway, I found someone standing in the middle of the driveway. This person was standing there like a deer in headlights. I climbed out of my car and called to the stranger. There was no response. I called again and still nothing. I started walking toward the stranger and he shrieked and bolted for the woods. What in the world was going on? I called for the stranger to come out of the woods. I couldn't see where he went. I called for him again and I thought I heard something! I called for him again, telling him that I mean no harm. After calling him for about 10 minutes, the stranger finally came out of the woods. I could barely see him at first, as he was standing just out of the light. I introduced myself and I found out the strangers name was Henry. I continued to talk to him and I was eventually able to convince him to come inside.

Once inside, I started unpacking the groceries I got. While I was doing this, I kept talking to Henry and he explained that he was on the run. Henry told me that the President of the United States, pardons 2 turkeys every year, which I already knew. This year, the President had a hard time choosing between him and his 2 friends, Cider and Apple. And since Henry was here in New Hampshire, you can guess who got the pardons this year. He was told that Cider and Apple sounded much better than Henry. Of course if you switch his friends names around, you get apple cider. Henry wasn't thrilled about what had happened and that's when he decided to run for it. So I had apologized to him and asked how it was he made it as far north as New Hampshire! He had told me that he really wasn't sure how he ended up here, but knew somewhere around New Jersey, he was being followed by some hunters. He had lost them when he crossed over the Hudson River and had been traveling at night from then on out. He couldn't risk being seen and followed again.

I finished unpacking all my groceries and sat down with him in the living room. I told him that I will see what I can do. Meanwhile, he can stay here where he will be safe. He thanked me for what I have done and promised me he wouldn't be a bother. I told him not to worry about it. I am not used to having company and it would actually be rather nice. With Thanksgiving just a day away, I was planning on staying home this year and had no one coming over. He was grateful and was happy to had run into someone like me.


Anonymous said...

Henry is a cutie! I don't see how anyone could hunt him. If he needs a hide out you can send him to Oklahoma we would be happy to host him for awhile!

Goofy girl