Valentine's Day

Logbook Entry : 00070
February 14th, 2011

8:00am - I woke up to my alarm going off, and I hit the snooze button.

8:09am - My alarm goes off again and I figured there really was no use in hitting the snooze again, so I shut it off. Yorick wasn't lying with me like usual, so I climbed out of bed to see what he was up to. I found him sleeping in the chair in the living room. He looked so peaceful so I didn't bother him. I headed to the cabinet and reached for a box of cereal. Honey nut Circle-O's was the cereal of choice. I grabbed a bowl, poured the cereal and went to the fridge for some milk. Walked to the living room and sat down next to Yorick, but made sure not to wake him. I added the milk and enjoyed my cereal. No sooner did I finish my bowl, Yorick had woken up and started bugging me for the milk. So I put the bowl of milk on the floor for Yorick to enjoy.

8:32am - It was time for a shower.

9:14am - After quite a long shower, a brush of the teeth, a dressing of the clothes, it was time to check the calender to see if there was anything of importance that needed to be done today. Normally on Mondays, Yorick and I head out to the park and walk around the pond, but I hadn't written it on the calender this day. Instead, I found something that reminded me of how alone I am. Well, I mean, there is Yorick of course. But I had written in big letters, VALENTINE'S DAY! For some reason I had gotten excited about Valentine's Day this go around. I hadn't had a good reason to be excited in years past and couldn't remember why I was so excited. And then it hit me!

9:16am - The doorbell rang! I wonder who it could be?

9:17am - The doorbell rang again! I headed to the door and froze! It was her! The reason I wrote Valentine's Day in big bold letters! Sophie! What do I do? The last time I saw her was months ago! I don't dare answer the door since the last time I saw her, her boyfriend told me not to be seen around her or else! The door bell rang again and out of the corner of my eye, Yorick jumped into the window and saw for himself who was at the door. He turned and looked at me, then looked back at her! She had to of known I was home now! I never go anywhere without Yorick. I had to answer the door!

9:20am - The ringing had stopped and I noticed through the window in the door that Sophie turned around and started to walk away. Yorick had then jumped from the window and ran to the front door, scratching at it. He then turned and looked at me and I couldn't disappoint him. He gave me that puppy dog face! Yes, I said puppy dog face! I caved and headed for the door. I opened the door to find she had already made it to the road. I called for Sophie and she turned to see me standing in the door way. I told her to come back and I invited her in.

11:01am - It would have seemed that her boyfriend had been treating her badly for quite a while. She had been thinking of leaving him for some time but couldn't find the courage to do so. She felt that he had been the best boyfriend she had ever, despite how poorly she felt he treated her lately, until she caught him cheating on her. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. She was done. So after we talked about what was going on with her, I had asked if she wanted to go to the mall and walk around since it was way to cold to walk around outside.

12:16pm - We made it to the mall and headed to the food court first. We ate at Dairy Queen and continued to talk some more. Even though we talked for a couple of more hours, I couldn't tell her about one thing. How much I liked her. I didn't want to scare here. She had just ended it with her boyfriend and I didn't want to rush things! Ohhhhh I wanted to tell her so bad! But I couldn't.

2:30pm - We walked around the mall a little before leaving.

2:55pm - I brought Sophie home. She thanked me for spending the day with her and she asked if I wanted to hang out again some time soon! What did you think I said? Of course I said yes! She got out of the car and she walked away towards her house. I slowly started to drive away home.

2:59pm - I thought about Sophie!

3:00pm - I thought about Sophie!

3:01pm - I thought about Sophie!


Anonymous said...

you have to tell sophie Hamlet. We only get one go-round in this life.