A Cry for Help!

Logbook Entry : 00068
February 10th, 2011

So, you I didn't write hold up my end of the bargain! I had every intention of writing again about my time away, but no sooner did I write my last entry, I got a phone call from Hunter.

If I may take a brief moment and go back to last April. Both Hunter and I had gone to Boston for a Red Sox-Orioles baseball game. While walking around Boston, we stumbled across a tiny lobster. We had wondered why such a small lobster had been so far away from the water. So we watched it for a time before heading off to Fenway park. Now to jump back to present day, Hunter had called me about an issue he was having. He sounded quite excited and nervous at the same time. I was quite baffled and headed next door to Hunter's house.

He was waiting for me at the door and when he opened it for me, he just about pulled me into the house and slammed the door behind me. I looked at him and asked what that was all about. What was going on with Hunter? I can honestly say I hadn't seen Hunter for some time now and I was about to find out why. He had reminded me about our trip to Boston last year in April, which I remembered. But what he was about to tell me, I didn't see coming. He had asked me if I remembered when he left his hat behind, which I replied that I had. He had told me that when he went back for the hat, he couldn't help but grab the lobster and take it with him. He said he couldn't stand knowing that if the lobster tried to head back to the water, danger may fall upon it. He told me he was only thinking for the betterment of the lobster.

So I asked him where the lobster was. Was this what he was freaking out about? He looked at me with a blank stare and told me the lobster got out of the tub. I looked back at him with big eyes! Out of the tub? Hunter had called me over since the lobster had gotten out of the tub several days ago and he hadn't yet found it. I first told him how much of a bad idea it was to have taken the lobster home with him and he knew it, but now really wasn't the time to harp on what he shouldn't have done since it was a bit to late for that! We needed to find that lobster!

We searched everywhere! In the living room, the kitchen, the basement, the kitchen, his bedroom, the kitchen! Where could it have possibly gone! I had spent most of the night helping Hunter search for the lobster when he asked me to be quiet! Did he just find the lobster? He cried out, "Come mere Red! Come come Red!" I looked at him and after a few seconds, Hunter found me staring at him! "You named it?" He said that he gave it a name some months ago. I still couldn't believe he first brought it home, but then naming it! Unbelievable! We had no luck finding the lobster. Hunter asked that I spent the night. I told him I would and we both camped out on the living room floor.